It is our great privilege to welcome you to our place of worship and hopefully this will be a spiritual experience for you and your guests.


Getting Married Checklist

Church Requirements:


Meet Fr. Finn in Crossabeg/Ballymurn to set a date and discuss prerequisites.  To make appointment phone 053 9138103

Your Wedding Date - (you must give at least 3 months notice).

Solemniser proof.

Inform priest of:
                             1. Names of priest who will celebrate the wedding.
                             2. Name of church chosen for the ceremony (Crossabeg or Ballymurn).


Documents Required:

A Certificate of Baptism (must not be more than six months old).
A Certificate of Confirmation (must not be more than six months old).
Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form (available from and complete with priest).
Letter of Freedom from each parish you have lived in.
A Pre-Marriage Course Certificate. To book your marriage preparation course phone Accord 053 9123086 or see their
web site
Dispensation - if prospective spouse is not Roman Catholic or the marriage is in a non-Catholic church.
If you want the Pope's Blessing, you will need a letter of recommendation from your priest. A brochure is available
from Veritas.


State Requirements:
Contact Health Clinic etc…..
The Family Law Act 1995 - "Changes in Irish Marriage Law"
(Additional requirements for the solemnisation and registration of a valid marriage in accordance with Irish Civil Law).
Must be completed 3 months in advance of Wedding Date.  To book your appointment contact:


Ely Hospital, Ferrybank, Wexford.  Phone 053 9185753/54/55


Respecting God and our Place of Worship

Our Church is the residence of Christ present in the Eucharist and also our place of worship and praise of our God.  Within our Church there is a need to respect it as a place of worship and prayer.
Silence gives people the freedom to pray, reflect and meditate, therefore unnecessary talking, noise, mobile phones etc, are not allowed.


Great care is being taken by the community to have our Church maintained to the highest standard, therefore any untidiness including the throwing of confetti we ask you to refrain from.
The altar candles and candelabra are not decorative but votive places of devotion and therefore are not included in church decoration for public functions.


Please notify the priest who is to solemnise the wedding if you have requested altar servers.


In the interests of safety, we ask that all children be under supervision by an adult at all times, even if they are part of the bridal party.


If we have any concerns regarding any of the above, approaches will be made to the best man on the day of the wedding.

Crossabeg Church Flower Arranging Group

Notice regarding Weddings



The group does not do specific flower arrangements for weddings. We do the church flower arranging throughout the year with money/flowers donated by people of the parish. This requires effort and co-operation by all concerned, including those responsible for the flower arrangements for each wedding. Therefore we do require to be informed, at least four weeks prior to your wedding, of your intentions and requirements by telephoning our group leader: Gillian Hearn at 053-9120740 (preferably between 6.00 & 8.00pm).  She will be glad to co-operate with you and tell you what facilities are available, also what other flower arranging may be taking place at the time of your wedding, such as Christmas, Easter, 1st Communions, Funerals, other Weddings etc. It can happen that two or three weddings take place on consecutive days or even two weddings may occur on the same day. So co-operation between our group leader and brides could make the flower arranging more mutually beneficial and less wasteful.


Please note that flower arrangements are not to be put in the centre of the altar.  The altar is a sacred place where Mass is said and anything which obscures or takes from its attention is not allowed.


Should you wish to remove some or all of your flowers after a Saturday wedding, we need to know to ensure that there are flowers for the Saturday and Sunday Masses. Any donations of flowers are, of course, always appreciated. 



Candles are only to be placed where there is no risk to adjoining decorations or property from fire or candle grease falling on any objects or surfaces, especially on altar cloths and carpets. Candles are kept preferably in holders or special dishes that can catch the drips.


Tapers for lighting candles to be used with care to avoid dripping grease.


Candles are only to be moved when the flame has been extinguished and the candle grease has set.


Candles are only to be extinguished with the appropriate snuffers which are located in the vestry. Blowing out candles sprays grease.


No decorations may be placed on the Blue Urns outside the church. Previous decorations put there by bridal parties damaged the shrubs.