Preparing for the Future

Many changes are taking place in Ireland, and in the world in general.  Irish people have always found ways to preserve, nourish and interpret their faith.  This faith, which was brought to this island by St. Patrick has continued to live through Evangelisation, the Golden Ages, Persecution, Penal Laws and Renewal.  Today is no different with the movement of people and secularism, and great challenges lie ahead for the Irish church, families and for young people regarding their faith, their values and way of life.


The proposed Pastoral Centre close to Crossabeg Church and Parochial House will make a huge contribution to the gathering of  people together, to get to know one another, to receive Catechises, for leadership training and faith and youth development, and training programmes.


The Personal Development and Pastoral Centre was passed at a general meeting of the Crossabeg Parish on 9th September, 2010. 


This building will be 586.93 sq. Metres, consisting of two wings and a central entrance.



The Central Entrance will be equipped with a desk. This area will also function as a shop, displaying books and booklets, DVDs and CDs. These are for all different interest groups in our Parish, a wide range of different topics particular to each personís interests and needs. There will also be for sale religious objects, artwork, booklets, medals, rosary beads, pictures etc.


A Small Hall
To the right of the entrance there will be a small hall, a place where the people of Crossabeg can meet and socialise.  This hall will have the seating capacity for two hundred adults, maximum. It will have a kitchen. It will be a place of welcome after Mass for teas, refreshments and hospitality. It will facilitate funerals. It will be a place for the elderly, adults, youth and children from the school. A sliding door will facilitate the making of two large rooms of the hall.


Public Toilets
On the left hand side of the building there will be public toilets. These toilets will also have access from the outside in order to facilitate people attending Church functions. 


Lecture Room

The ground floor of this section of the Pastoral Centre will contain a Lecture Room which will be equipped with Power Point facilities, overhead projectors and seating. This room will have the capacity to work with 30 people.  This room, plus the hall facilities and the prayer room will play a major role in training in Catechetics , New Evangelisation and Personal Development.

It will facilitate night classes, training centre for Leadership and Education for Church and community personnel. 


A small tuck shop for the sale of refreshments during Parish activities will be situated on the ground floor.


Prayer Room

Purpose built and facilitated to assist with new ways of prayer, meditation and spirituality. This will assist children, youth and adults in discovering new ways of prayer and meditation.  It will also be available for people to have quiet moments personally and privately in the evenings if they so wish.

Small Rooms

This building will contain two small rooms to allow as much privacy as possible for people who need personal and private assistance. These two rooms will be designed for excellence in whatever personal pursuit needed on an individual basis, study, tutorial skills, special needs, counselling or professional help and confidential advice. 
(These rooms will also be available for hire for people from outside the community).