To join Ballymurn Folk Group                                                                                                   To join Crossabeg Folk Group Contact Ann Kehoe   087 9121714                                                                              Contact Frances McDonald 086 8761209

To Join Ballymurn Choir                                                                                                                      To Join Crossabeg Choir Contact Marguerite Scallan 087 7626858                                                                              Contact Mary Quinn 087 2737233

Weekly Prayer Group in Crossabeg/Ballymurn Parish

Every week in Crossabeg Parochial House

Contact Anne Neville  053 9138735


Child Safeguarding Policy

The representative and contact person in respect of the Ferns Diocesan Child Safeguarding Policy in Crossabeg is John Foley phone 087 0568423.  The contact person in Ballymurn is Ann Jackman, phone no. 087 2181025.


Ballymurn Adoration Group                                                                                                         Crossabeg Pastoral Council

Contact Ellen Redmond 053 9138882                                                                                Chairman Tommy Reck 085 6700520


Ballymurn Pioneer Total Abstinence Association                                                      Crossabeg Senior Citizens Committee

Contact Breda Redmond 053 9138190                                                                                                   Lar O'Leary 086 408575