Situated six miles from Wexford town, St Patrickís National School, Crossabeg caters for 170 pupils. There are eight teachers in the school including the principal, one learning support teacher and one resource teacher. These, along with two Special Needs Assistants, the Secretary, the Caretaker and Cleaner, make up the staff of thirteen.

The staff of the school work continuously to implement the 1999 revised curriculum to a high standard and to make the school environment a safe and happy place for all the pupils.

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Schools Folklore Collection


A booklet, National Tradition and Folklore, issued in the mid 1930ís, to the principals of all Primary Schools of Ireland, invited teachers to collect the nationís folklore. Between July 1937 and December 1938 50,000 5th and 6th class children collected 500,000 pages of material on a variety of topics such as food, trades, customs and songs. These essays became known as the Schools Folklore Collection. Twenty three pages of work, mostly in the childrenís own handwriting, was submitted by Crossabeg National School and a selection of these are available below. 


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